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MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD issues the accompanying agreements to each individual (artiste) wishing to be addressed by the organization. It is fundamental that the agreements are perused cautiously and altogether as they give the authoritative agreement among you and MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD

At the point when you present your application to be enlisted with the organization, you consent to that you will be limited by and stick to all parts of this agreement.

It is principal before applying that you concur that you:

Are legitimately permitted to live and are qualified for work in the UK

Concur that you don't have any unspent criminal feelings, other than driving feelings. Counting sexual offenses under the Sexual Offenses Act 2003

Would consent to any request from a creation to get a criminal record check.

Presenting an application isn't an assurance that you will be taken on and addressed by the agency. Any effective candidates will be told and given direction on the procedure steps.

The job of the agency is to look for suitable work for the artiste and offer them such work on an independently employed premise. No enrolled artiste is a worker of MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD .

As an agency MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD try to reach you at times to offer you bookings. MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD can't ensure that we can offer you bookings during a particular time frame.

From the work that is offered, you are not needed to acknowledge any appointments. When work/booking has been acknowledged, you concur that you have accessibility with no evening responsibilities for the entire day. This likewise applies for bookings that are considered to have a time span appended, for example, outfit fittings and shift calls. Occasionally MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD will reach you in regards to your accessibility and will thusly pencil you for a particular work. You concur that by tolerating to be penciled you have kept yourself free until somebody at the organization reaches you to affirm or deliver the pencil.

At the point when you are reached in regards to work, you will consistently be given the name and date of a creation. It is fundamental that you keep a note of these vital pieces of data.

On the off chance that under any condition you become inaccessible for a booking or a pencil, it is fundamental that you contact the individual at MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD that booked you to advise them of the adjustment of your accessibility. On the off chance that you don't respect a booking without valid justification, MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD claims all authority to eliminate you from our books.

At the point when a booking has been acknowledged, you concur that you will affirm your participation the day preceding the commitment by reaching the workplace either by text or call before 7pm. In the event that you don't consent to reconfirmation, MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD maintains whatever authority is needed to supplant you minus any additional notification. This may thus bring about you being forever eliminated from our books.

Creation organizations are qualified for drop appointments whenever before your commitment. MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD will inform you of any monies that are because of you if relevant because of a retraction charge. Wiping out charges are paid in accordance with the arrangement that particular creations work as per.

MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD expects that all artistes enrolled with the organization will have an expert and positive hard working attitude consistently and under all conditions. Your conduct on and off set is a portrayal of you as an individual; you are likewise an expansion of and addressing the office. MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD expects that you keep up with demonstrable skill when undertaking any task that MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD has given you.

Participation and dependability: Arriving for occupations on time is the base that we need from artistes. We prompt that you show up to all positions somewhere around 15 minutes before your call time.

Obligation: When you are on set, it is your individual obligation to tune in and adhere to guidelines from any individual from the creation, consistently participate and do what is requested from you.

Appearance and outfit: An exclusive requirement of individual show is imperative to the agency. Continuously show up to occupations flawless, clean and first rate, except if in any case mentioned. Ensure that all outfit, hair and cosmetics prerequisites are clung to.
When undertaking all positions, you might approach secret data with respect to the activity of a creation.

Numerous creations will settle on you consent to their own classification arrangements either on the day or preceding the day of commitment. They are regularly implanted inside their chit (compensation voucher), discharge structures or non revelation arrangements.

This data should not be revealed to any outside party, either during your booking or after. While on set you are restricted from making any solid recording, taking any photographic or video film on any close to home gadget.

The work that you do and the creations that you work on should not be distributed on any online media stage. No web-based media stage is absolved from this. Photos, remarks, sites, distributions, web journals and the utilization of any hashtag are totally denied.

You are not approved to offer any expressions to the press. Nor must you contact any writer, paper, magazine, online media stage or some other type of distribution with respect to your work or creations that you have chipped away at. Any solicitations are to be sent to the agency.

Quick outcomes of breaks in any classification will bring about the artiste being taken out from the organization with no further contact. This may thus be sought after through the courts; with financial harms being guaranteed and surprisingly criminal allegations.

Information Protection 
The 1998 Data Protection Act secures data held by organizations about people and upholds a bunch of norms for handling such data. Inside the demonstration it gives rules that all information will just be for explicit purposes and not utilized or revealed at all inconsistent with these reasons. While presenting your data to and furthermore telling the organization of any progressions in your data, you concur that every one of the information you submit is valid and right. The artiste is answerable for the exactness of the multitude of subtleties that you give to the organization.

The organization will keep certain parts of your information on document and just uses your information in the reason for reaching you with offers of work.

You give your assent that a portion of your information might be utilized by Third gatherings (Assistant chiefs, makers, ensemble division, cosmetics office and different individuals from the creation group) to reach you just in regards to affirmed and unsubstantiated work with the organization.

MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD will save a document of your subtleties for the span of your enrollment with the organization and furthermore after end of your agreement.

MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD will try to keep your subtleties free from any and all harm.

All enlisted artistes are needed to have a current divulgence authentication. An essential revelation is the most well-known and least degree of exposure accessible. The artiste is needed to pay for the actual exposure and give a duplicate of it to the organization. The authentication is just substantial when it is made and not for a particular time allotment. MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD suggests that another endorsement is introduced to the agency like clockwork if no progressions have happened. On the off chance that there have been changes which could influence the legitimacy of the authentication, it is the obligation of the artiste to illuminate the office right away.

There are no upfront fees payable. The agency charge an annual fee of £25 + VAT which will automatically deducted from your first job with the agency and at a similar time each year. There is a 50% reduction in this fee for any registered artiste aged 70 and over at the time payable for the annual fee. This fee covers our administration costs and your inclusion of all suitable castings. This fee is non refundable. We deduct 17% + VAT commission from all fees that you attend on behalf of the agency as a background supporting artiste. For any featured television, photographic, films, corporate and commercial work we will deduct 20% + VAT commission.


1. You authorise Malkit Bharj Casting LTD to receive all fees from production companies for your bookings, on your behalf. These fees will be deposited into our client account. 

2. Within ten working days of our receiving your fees (this is normally six weeks after you have completed the booking, but is sometimes longer depending on the production company), we will deduct our 15% commission (plusVAT) and then pay the balance of the payment directly into your bank account byBACS. We will also email you your remittance. Please note: We only send remittances by email.

3. Malkit Bharj Casting LTD cannot pass payment from a production company on to you until the production company has paid us. If a production company fails to pay us, we will chase them for payment on your behalf. You authorise us to issue proceedings against any production company for unpaid fees on your behalf. However, Malkit Bharj Casting LTD is not liable to you for any fees a production company fails to pay.

4. If you receive any fees directly from the production company Malkit Bharj Casting LTD is entitled to invoice you for our commission. This will be aVATinvoice, where appropriate.

5. On some TV and film productions, you will be given a salary voucher (a chit) at the beginning of each filming day. It is your responsibility to keep hold of this, make sure it is signed at the end of each day by an appropriate member of the production company, and return it to the production company. You will receive a copy of your salary voucher, which you must keep as proof that you worked that day. The production company may refuse to pay your fees if it does not receive a signed salary voucher at the end of the day and we are entitled to invoice you directly for our commission on the fees you would have been paid.

6. If the production company does not provide you with a salary voucher it is your responsibility to keep a record of all times and dates that you worked. If you work any overtime, you must email details of this to your contact at Malkit Bharj Casting LTD the next day. If you do not, you may not receive payment for this. 

7. It is essential that all account details given to the agency are correct, as these are the ones that we use. The agency must also be notified immediately of any changes in account details. We are unable to recover any funds that have been paid into accounts that are no longer in use.

8. I agree and understand that if any client defaults on payment, I can not hold Malkit Bharj Casting LTD responsible. Whilst all clients are believed to be credit worthy and reputable Malkit Bharj Casting LTD do not guarantee and are not responsible for the non-payment of fees and expenses in relation to such engagements.

Individual Injury 
MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD are not responsible for the misfortune or harm to any close to home belongings or for any injury (except if brought about by our carelessness) while you are going to/from and on set. The creation is liable for the artiste's very own physical issue protection while on set.

Tax and National Insurance 
For the motivations behind expense and public protection you are named independently employed. All artistes enlisted with the organization and independently employed people are answerable for paying their own commitments to both. This as of now incorporates Class 2 NICs (National Insurance Contributions)

MALKIT BHARJ CASTING LTD maintains whatever authority is needed to end the agreement and eliminate any artiste from our books minus any additional explanation. The artiste is thusly ready to end this agreement whenever, by giving the agency notice of the solicitation. Any monies that are because of an artiste for appointments made preceding the end will in any case be made.

It is the obligation of the person to advise the agency of changes to any of the data that has been submitted to the agency . These progressions might incorporate individual subtleties, for example, phone number, address, bank subtleties and so on It is indispensable that any progressions to your own appearance are quickly noted as we expect that pictures that we have of you are a genuine resemblance.

The substance of this agreement might be modified as well as corrected whenever. You will be advised recorded as a hard copy of any such changes. This arrangement overrides and replaces all past arrangements between the artiste and the organization. Each term, proviso and arrangement of this understanding is isolated and severable.